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An optimal information transfer is crucial for a profitable enterprise. Many companies have discovered the advantages of graphic information (Pictures, Diagrams, etc.): minimal effort with maximum information content. Unfortunately, this information does not always reach all the people it was intended to reach.



Knowledge Management

Fotobase is a central graphics database, developed especially for the needs of an enterprise. Due to the intuitive graphic user interface, most users are able to operate the basic functions of the software without the need to refer to the online help, and there are no unnecessary design functions to clutter the view. Once the graphics have been stored in the database, they cannot be altered. Thus, the original information content is not subject to manipulation. Long term archive without risk. Individual Configuration The graphics will be classified with a self defined classification scheme which is defined Together with the user defined short description of the graphic the user can quickly and efficiently find individual graphics or groups of graphics.


The Problem

Information is rarely available outside individual departments. Departments turn into unbridgeable barriers. Even members of the department often do not receive needed information. Instead the graphics land somewhere forgotten on the local hard drive of one of the employees. Graphic files cannot be described sufficiently with a filename and the input of descriptive remarks is not possible. The exchange of graphic information with project partners and company partner can only take place with great amount of effort. Additionally, isolated directory structures are created for project information (e.g. documents, table calculations and memos), whereby the graphic information has relevance outside of the project.


The Solution

Fotobase breaks through these barriers. All of the graphic information is available to all authorized personnel. The graphics are stored in Fotobase because the employees have a direct benefit. A knowledge database is created based on the companies own classification system. Simple and fast access to vital business information, without the need for new documentation polices, or to change the day to day working habits. With the presentation function associated graphics can be placed in a presentation file and easily distributed to business partners, shown at project meetings or sent by email to colleges in the field. Up to 20.000 characters of text can be saved with each graphic. This information helps explain the critical or most interesting aspects of the graphic. In combination with several graphics you can:

  • Show the development of research projects
  • Simplify the viewing of progress reports
  • Perform cause and effect studies on several levels
  • Quickly recognize the connection between different events.


Information (English): Fotobase_Info_EN.pdf

Demo-Film (English): Fotobase_demo.wmv

Information (Deutsch): Fotobase_Info_DE.pdf


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